Our core values

  • 1 No bullshit, just the truth
  • 2 We work hard, we get shit done
  • 3 We get to the bottom of things
  • 4 We protect privacy more than anything else
  • 5 We always hire people more talented than us
  • 6 Everything is measurable
  • 7 We never let anybody behind, we grow together
  • 8 We love solving dirty problems with elegant and long-term solutions
  • 9 We are committed to build a green, diverse and caring workplace
  • 10 We know that sometimes we don't know

Meet the team

  • Edouard Nattée HEC | Bain & Company | Amazon | Rocket Internet
    Edouard Nattée CEO - coFounder
  • Nicolas Remia Epitech | Epitech Teacher | Apertur.io
    Nicolas Remia CTO - coFounder
  • Florian Cleyet Merle ESSEC | McKinsey & Company
    Florian Cleyet Merle COO - coFounder
  • Louis Balladur ESSEC | EDF Investments
    Louis Balladur Head of Marketing - coFounder
  • Cyril Allard Polytechnique | McKinsey & Company
    Cyril Allard Head of B2B Products - coFounder
  • Maryse Jean Accenture
    Maryse J. CFO
  • Capucine Columelli ESSEC | ENSAE | Critéo
    Capucine C. Product Manager
  • Régis Amichia Ecole 42 | Michael Page
    Régis A. Data Scientist
  • Woody Pan Centrale Paris | ESSEC | BCG | BCG Gamma
    Woody P. Industry Manager
  • Selin Ponts et Chaussées | UBS | Hermès | Critéo
    Selin K. Senior Data Product Manager
  • Quentin Leloir ESCP | Zalando | Google | BCG
    Quentin L. Senior Industry Manager
  • Benjamin Winckell ISART | Companeo
    Benjamin W. Micro-services Architect
  • Clément Bataille Centrale Lille
    Clément B. Lead Dev
  • Claire Maignan HEC
    Claire M. Data Analyst
  • Mohamed Labouardy Univ. Bordeaux | InterCloud
    Mohamed L.. DevOps Lead
  • Hugo Chaton Centrale Paris | Essec
    Hugo C. Data Product Manager
  • Anais Bitoun HEC
    Anais B. Data Analyst
  • Samy Azirou Epitech
    Samy A. Software craftsman
  • Laurent Donzel Philips | GFK
    Laurent D. Head of Sales
  • Mathis Clamens EBS | Le Wagon
    Mathis C. Product Owner
  • Mathilde Aubinaud Panthéon Assas | Celsa
    Mathilde A. PR Manager
  • Stephane NGO Epitech
    Stéphane N. Android Dev.
  • Lucas Fauchille Epita
    Lucas F. DevOps Junior
  • Maxence Chantôme Epitech
    Maxence C. IOS dev
  • Benoit Durand Epitech
    Benoit D. IOS Dev.
  • Ludovic INSTA
    Ludovic L. Fullstack Dev
  • Guillaume Motte CBS | KEDGE | Natixis
    Guillaume M. Traffic Manager
  • Jérôme UPEM
    Jérôme P. Lead Dev
  • Ivan EFREI | Cogit Studio
    Ivan S. Fullstack Dev
  • Mahdi INRIA
    Mahdi Data Acquisition Manager
  • Julie Gramer BCG
    Julie G. Office Talent Manager
  • Vincent ESIE
    Vincent S. Fullstack Dev
  • Jimmy Ecole 42
    Jimmy G. Fullstack Dev
  • Hugo Ruiz Verastegui CentraleSupélec| Oliver Wyman
    Hugor R. Senior Data Analyst
  • Guillame Coudry HEC| Digital Value|Publicis
    Guillaume C. Head of Analytics
  • David Duong SUPINFO| SETL
    David D. Fullstack Dev
  • Jean-Michel Desfontaines EPITECH| Avisto
    Jean-Michel M. Fullstack Dev
  • Delphine Rousseau KEDGE
    Delphine R. Traffic Intern
  • Claire Dulac ESSCA
    Claire D. Marketing Intern
  • Salim Elhamdani CentraleSupélec
    Salim E. Data Analyst Intern
  • Eloi Perignon ISCOM
    Eloi P. PR Intern
  • Riad Ghorra CentraleSupélec
    Riad G. Data Scientist Intern

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